Naturist rules in Denmark
Tuesday den 20. February 2018

Nude / clothes-optional beaches

Norms for being naked on Danish beaches
The situation in Denmark is liberal. There is a tradition for not wearing swimsuits on many beaches. But - this does not mean that you should not show consideration:

  1. There are no special rules for nude / clothing-optional beaches - the normal rules apply.

  2. Respect the attitudes of other people and be discrete whereever necessary.

  3. Keep a distance to clothed beach guests.

  4.  Behave in a way that cannot be misunderstood. Also think about the fact that nude people like privacy.

  5.  Being naked on a beach is not a sign of acceptance of being looked at - or being targetted by other persons sexually or of getting offers of sexual contact. 

  6. You are definitely in the wrong place if you come to look at naked people or if you have sexual intent. Danish nude beaches are just beaches without swimsuits.

How to prevent improper situations
Occasionaly you may encounter people on nude / clothes-optional beaches, who have either misunderstood naturism or who have improper intentions. Here is som advise on, how to prevent being harassed on the beach:

  1. Get together with other naturists on the beach - it means communality and security. Naturists are sociable people and appreciate company.

  2. You are entitled to the same considerations and respect from other people as on any other beach. Do not accept less tolerance just because you are on a nude / clothes-optional beach.

  3. Listen to yourself and do not hesitate to criticize people, who bother you or who offend you.

  4. Confront annoying persons and explain to them which impression they convey.

  5. Voyeurs normally disappear once they are confronted with being spotted.

  6. Report blotters and exhibitionism to the police.

More (in Danish) about the legislation lovgivning >>

The above is based on information from the Danish Council on Prevention of Crimes