Tuesday den 20. February 2018

iSwimNude – on your iPhone

As a user of iPhone you do have a big catalogue of programs in Apples App Store, called apps, which can be downloaded. Free or against payment. In this connection we ran into the program iSwimNude, which is free. It is developed by a German and is acessible in German and English.


Description of the program


iSwimNude is the program, which you have missed as a naturist. The program shows you where other people bathe naked, and you have the possibility of sending your own position so that other people will benefit from your favourite bathing beach.

Positions are set anonymously, so that you do not have to establish an account or share your e-mail-address with anybody. On this point iSwimNude differ from other location based services, which often demand registration. There will be no tracing of users, and after 2 hours the connection between you as a user and the registered position will be cancelled (time window for erasing). Positions can only be sent from your present position. This to minimize spam.

A position, which is set, can be removed up to two hours later. Thereafter the position does not have any connection to the user and can thus not be erased, but becomes permanent. Positions which are not valid will be erased. The estimations of the users are saved in form of a so-called hash-code, where the estimation is anonymously connected with the apparatus. Thus the estimation can later be changed, without the user being on the bathing beach.


In the present version of iSwimNude you can set the number of the nearest bathing beaches from 10 to 100. See indstillinger (Adjustments) – iSwimNude. Further the range is limited to +/- degrees of latitude and longitude, so that in some parts of the world you will be able to see less than 10 bathing beaches. A map can be seen on the Internet

You can furthermore adjust the units to km and miles and the above mentioned numbers of bathing beaches. The fewer positions the quicker data transmission, which is important in connection with slow connections.

You can follow iSwimNude on Twitter:

You can find the program on one of the following addresses, or you can just google “iSwimNude”.