Anholt Island
Monday den 19. February 2018

Vis Anholt på et større kort

Anholt Island

In Denmark there is only one nude bathing beach, where you can walk about 25 km, the island of Anholt.  If you ignore the first 200 m of the beach down at the harbor, which is called “Københavnerstranden” (The Copenhagen Beach), you may do, like you want to on the rest of the Anholt beach and it is about 25 km long (round the island). It has always been like this on Anholt, and I have been coming there every year since I was a boy. Nordstrand is the most undisturbed beach. There are dunes and hollows. Almost all people bathe without clothes on on Anholt.

Transport to Anholt:


Fly from Tune Airport (close to Roskilde). There are expensive and cheap departures.

Ferry from Grenå. The trip takes 3½ hours (once every day). You may not bring your car for private driving, only for business.

25 kilometers of naturist beach!

Sønderstrand (southern beach)
Nordstrand (northern beach)